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We specialize in creating a haven of nature in your backyard by providing complete landscaping design services in the Charlotte, NC area, including sod installations, drainage systems, hardscaping, irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, and privacy trees and shrubs.

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Premium Landscape Design Services for the Charlotte NC Service Area

The beauty and functionality of Charlotte NC service area homes go beyond the brick and mortar. It extends to the well-thought-out landscapes that embrace them. Every homeowner knows the importance of a captivating outdoor space—it’s the first impression guests get and a haven where memories are created.

Haven Landscape Design is the solution to all landscaping design issues in the Charlotte NC service area. Not only will our designs exponentially enhance your home’s allure, but we will make the process seamless and affordable. Plus, with our landscaping architects at the helm, you’ll get a digital sneak peek of your dream landscape, ensuring the result is exactly as you envisioned. Let’s turn your outdoor dreams into reality!

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Ever gazed at your neighbor’s yard with a twinge of green envy? With Haven Landscape Design, you’ll be the cause of it. From rejuvenating sod installations to safeguarding your haven with perfect drainage, our seasoned landscape designers ensure every blade and bloom radiates with health and beauty.

If you’re thinking about a reimagined outdoor space or just want to give your lawn a facelift, then contact us today for a free quote. In Ballantyne NC, Waxhaw NC, and beyond—if you’re in the Charlotte NC service area, you’re in our care. Get a free quote today and make your landscape dreams come alive!

Explore our service areas. Each has it's own unique landscape opportunities. Scroll down to see where we bring our expertise to life.

Haven Landscape Design | Service Area | Ballantyne NC

Ballantyne NC

Enhance your Ballantyne NC home with exquisite landscaping. Trust our expertise for stunning, sustainable outdoor spaces.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area | Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC

Elevate your Charlotte NC home with our expert landscaping. Create stunning, sustainable outdoor spaces tailored to you.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Fort Mill SC

Fort Mill SC

Revamp your Fort Mill home with our premier landscaping services, crafting sustainable, stunning outdoor spaces tailored to you.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Huntersville NC

Huntersville NC

Transform your Huntersville home with top-tier landscaping for sustainable, breathtaking designed uniquely for you.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Mint Hill NC

Indian Land SC

Enhance your Indian Land, SC home with our landscaping, crafting eco-friendly outdoor spaces tailored to your preferences.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Indian Trail NC

Indian Trail NC

Revitalize your Indian Trail home with premier landscaping, crafting sustainable, stunning outdoor spaces tailored to your preferences.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Lake Wylie SC

Lake Wylie SC

Elevate your Lake Wylie residence with our expert landscaping, crafting sustainable outdoor spaces tailored uniquely for you.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Marvin NC

Marvin NC

Bring the beauty back into your Marvin, NC, home with our specialized lawncare services to uniquely fit what's best for you.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Matthews NC

Matthews NC

Refresh your Matthews home with our expert landscaping, shaping sustainable outdoor spaces tailored uniquely to your preferences.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Mint Hill NC

Mint Hill NC

Refresh your Mint Hill home with our landscaping artistry, sculpting eco-friendly outdoor retreats tailored uniquely to you.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Steele Creek NC

Steele Creek NC

Get new life in your Steele Creek home with lawn care from experts who tailor their services to your specific needs and wants!

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Tega Cay SC

Tega Cay SC

Renew your Tega Cay SC home with our landscaping expertise, crafting eco-conscious outdoor spaces tailored to your style.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area - Wesley Chapel NC

Wesley Chapel NC

Excite your Wesley Chapel, NC, home with top-notch expert yard services with a beautiful lawn makeover.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area | Waxhaw NC

Waxhaw NC

Transform your Waxhaw NC home with our expert landscaping services, blending beauty with sustainability for your outdoor haven.

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Haven Landscape Design | Service Area | Weddington NC

Weddington NC

Beautify your Weddington NC home with our premier landscaping services – sustainable, stunning, and perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC Landscaping Service Area

Elevate Your Landscaping with Haven’s Expert Sod Installation

Ever thought about the wonders of sod installation? It’s not just about laying down a green blanket. Sod offers a myriad of benefits:

  • Less Maintenance: Say goodbye to the hassle of grass seeds.
  • Sturdy Protection: Keep soil erosion at bay.
  • Weed Barrier: Fewer pesky invaders, more lush greens.
  • Temperature Control: Enjoy cooler surroundings.
  • Optimal Health: Enrich your outdoor space with a vibrant, healthy lawn.

Furthermore, your home value will rise! According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, expert landscaping, including the right lawn features, can boost your home’s value by a whopping 15%.

Choosing Your Perfect Sod: Fescue vs. Bermudagrass

At Haven Landscape Design, we offer two primary sod types tailored for Charlotte NC’s varied climate:

Bermudagrass: Ideal for sunbaked lawns. Thanks to its preference for warmer climates, this robust grass boasts drought resilience, fewer pests, and speedy growth. It quickly fills in those bare patches, although you might find yourself mowing often!

Fescue: Dreaming of a winter wonderland? Fescue is your go-to. Suited for colder temperatures, it stands out with its deep roots offering commendable drought resistance. Its slow growth means fewer trips with the mower.

Confused about which sod suits your lawn? Haven Landscape Design’s professional landscapers are here to guide you, ensuring your outdoors remains evergreen!

Expert Hardscaping Services for Charlotte NC Area Homeowners

In the Charlotte NC service area, where homeowners seek to balance beauty with sustainability, hardscaping emerges as a knight in shining armor. It’s not just about adding a sturdy pathway or a chic patio; it’s about reimagining your property to be both functional and environmentally savvy.

Why Hardscaping is Essential for Charlotte NC Homes

Eco-Friendly Stormwater Management: With hardscaping, you reduce maintenance and water usage—a big win for Mother Earth.

Superior Drainage & Soil Erosion Control: Forget about waterlogged gardens and eroded terrains. Hardscaping ensures water flows where it should, protecting your green sanctuaries.

Value Amplification: Ready for a delightful surprise during property resale? Quality hardscaping not only enhances your property’s aesthetic but skyrockets its value.

Diverse Hardscaping Offerings by Haven Landscape Design

Our skilled landscapers masterfully craft:

  • Inviting patios & walkways for those peaceful morning coffees.
  • Robust retaining walls guarding your green oases.
  • Serene water features from tranquil ponds to majestic fountains.
  • Gourmet outdoor kitchens to elevate those BBQ nights.
  • Cozy fire pits for memorable bonfire tales.
  • Elegant garden wall blocks that add character to your exteriors.
Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC Landscaping Service Area

With Haven Landscape Design’s hardscaping services, you’re opting for a transformative, sustainable makeover for your Charlotte NC home. We’re ready to pave the way!

Masterful Drainage Systems with Haven Landscape Design

With Charlotte NC’s dynamic weather and varied landscapes, homeowners often encounter the age-old problem: ineffective water drainage. Enter Haven Landscape Design, turning potential problems into innovative solutions.

Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC Landscaping Service Area

Our Top Drainage Systems

Surface Drainage System: This system swiftly channels water over your ground through shallow ditches and swales. It’s your go-to for skimming off surface water.

Subsurface Drainage System: Positioned beneath the ground, this system uses pipes to remove excess water from the soil, keeping your garden’s roots happy.

Slope Drainage System: By directing water downhill using pipes or open ditches, it’s the guardian of terrains prone to erosion.

Downspout and Gutter Systems: These are the unsung heroes attached to rooftops, guiding rainwater from your roofs to designated spots, preventing a deluge on your prized roses.

Choosing the Best Drainage Fit for Your Landscape

Navigating choices can be daunting. Cost, efficiency, aesthetics, local regulations, current damage level, and your landscape’s needs all play a part. Whether you’ve got a sloping garden or a flat terrace, each landscape demands a tailored approach.

If the drainage dilemma has you scratching your head, don’t fret! Haven Landscape Design is here. With years of expertise and a proven track record, we’ll help you decide, install, and ensure your property stays pristine, come rain or shine. Let’s channel that water the right way!

Quenching Your Landscape’s Thirst with Top-Tier
Irrigation Systems

Hey there, homeowners in the Charlotte NC service area! Have you ever found yourself wishing your lawn looked a bit more radiant? Ever skipped a watering day (or three) because life got too busy? Welcome to the wonderful world of irrigation systems, where nature meets convenience.

Who Benefits from an Irrigation System in Charlotte?

  • Green-thumbed gardeners nurturing their flowerbeds.
  • Homeowners boasting lawns that need consistent love.
  • Busy bees and frequent travelers who can’t commit to daily watering.
  • Eco-champions aiming to conserve water.

On average, Charlotte NC gets a decent 43 inches of rainfall yearly. But Mother Nature has her moods, causing inconsistent rain patterns. This means a well-tuned irrigation system is a game-changer to keep that lawn lush and envy-worthy.

Types of Irrigation Systems to Consider

  • Sprinkler Irrigation: It’s like rain, on-demand.
  • Drip Irrigation: Precision watering for your precious plants.
  • Surface Irrigation: Gentle floods for larger areas.
  • Subsurface Irrigation: Discreetly beneath the surface.
  • Center Pivot Irrigation: For the ambitious lot with big green spaces.

Why Choose Haven Landscape Design’s Irrigation Systems?

We prioritize:

  • Stellar water conservation.
  • Cost efficiency for every budget.
  • Uniform distribution for evenly watered greenery.
  • Flexibility that caters to the varied terrains and climates in the Charlotte NC area.
  • Durability that stands the test of time.
  • And systems so intuitive they’re a breeze to install.
Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC Landscaping Service Area

With Haven Landscape Design, we bring your Charlotte NC landscaping wishes to life, one drop at a time!

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Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC Landscaping Service Area

Not sure what your vision is yet? No worries.

We are happy to help by providing design ideas with digital renderings. It’s standard for landscaping designs to go through two or three revisions before the final product is decided, and we want to make sure you are 100% in love with the new look and feel of your home and yard from concept to completion!

Trust Haven for Your Landscape Design in the Charlotte NC Service Area!

When it concerns drainage systems, you deserve top-tier solutions. At Haven Landscape Design, our dedication to unmatched quality, exceptional client support, and our proficiency in the Charlotte region establish us as the ideal option for addressing your drainage system requirements. Reach out to us to arrange a consultation, initiating the journey towards an attractive and well-maintained landscape that will elevate the value of your property for years.

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