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Our expertise lies in crafting a natural sanctuary in your backyard through comprehensive landscaping design services available in the Charlotte NC region. Our offerings encompass sod installations, drainage systems, hardscaping, irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, and the incorporation of privacy trees and shrubs.

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Charlotte NC landscape design essentials with Haven Landscape Design’s top 5 expert services. Discover our high-quality techniques and masterful aesthetics!

As a leading name in Charlotte NC landscape design, we at Haven Landscape Design offer tailored solutions for our diverse climate and soil conditions, backed by years of expertise and countless satisfied clients. Strengthen your home’s exterior with us and watch your property bloom to its fullest potential.

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Elevate Your Charlotte NC Landscape Design with Superior
Sod Installation

Every Charlotte NC home deserves a lush, even carpet of green that breathes life into your property, accentuating its beauty while promising minimal fuss. At Haven Landscape Design, we make this a reality through our top-tier sod installation services that are perfect for your Charlotte NC landscape design.

Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC

Instant Gratification: Unlike grass seeds that keep you waiting, our sod gives your lawn an instant facelift.

Professionally Grown: We guarantee quality. Every sod patch is nurtured by professionals, ensuring it’s
hardy and healthy.
Lesser Maintenance: Forget the constant battle with weeds or the menace of soil erosion. Our sod’s got
your back.

Eco-Friendly Benefits: With our sod, expect a cooler home environment and reduced heat, courtesy of its natural heat absorption ability.

Less Upkeep, More Leisure: A healthier lawn automatically translates to less upkeep.

Now, we understand every lawn has its own needs. Hence, we provide two superb sod types, each with its own unique offerings.


Ideal for those scorching Charlotte NC summers, Bermudagrass loves bathing in the sun. Its perks include:

  • Drought-Resilient: Forget stressing over water bills.
  • Low Pest Issues: Spend less on pest control and more on fun.
  • Rapid Growth: No bare spots to be seen.
  • Economical Maintenance: Very inexpensive to maintain.
  • Vibrant Appeal: A mesmerizing dark green hue that’s bound to get the neighbors talking.

However, due to its growth speed, you might find yourself mowing the lawn more often. Plus, come winter, this grass will become dormant.


When winter graces Charlotte NC, Fescue sod excels. Here’s why it’s a great choice:

  • Cold-Loving: A lawn that thrives in the cold and stays pristine for the holidays.
  • Shade-Thriving: Perfect for those homes graced with large trees.
  • Deep-Rooted: Very drought resistant compared to other turf.
    Slower Growth: Less mowing, more relaxing.

On the flip side, Fescue’s lighter green might not have the same appeal as Bermudagrass. Also, it could struggle against diseases or pests in the hotter months.

Whichever sod you choose, you’re choosing unparalleled expertise, quality, and a beautiful lawn with Haven Landscape Design. Dive into Charlotte NC landscape design with us and watch your outdoor space flourish.

Protecting Your Home with High-Grade Drainage Systems

Water can be a home’s best friend or its worst enemy. While we all love a lush green lawn and vibrant flower beds, unchecked water can wreak havoc on our homes and landscapes. This is why drainage systems are so vital for Charlotte NC landscape design.

Why Drainage Systems Matter

A reliable drainage system efficiently channels unwanted water away from your property, ensuring it finds a safe location elsewhere without causing damage. There are several kinds of drainage systems, each built to protect your property.

Our Top Drainage System Types for Your Landscape

Surface Drainage System:

This system uses open drains, levees, grassed waterways, and humps and hollows to move water off your landscape’s surface.

Subsurface Drainage System:

Covertly underground, this system operates through tools like mole drains, groundwater pumps, interceptor drains, and slotted subsurface pipes to ensure no excess water remains.

Slope Drainage System:

Perfect for hilly or sloping landscapes, it uses earth dikes and drainage ditches to channel water downhill, preventing erosion and landslides.

Downspout & Gutter Systems:

These systems capture rainwater from roofs, directing it away from your foundation. Simple, yet incredibly effective for Charlotte NC landscape design.

Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Drainage System

The best drainage system fit for your needs depends on several factors:

  • Cost: What’s your budget? Different systems come with varying price tags.
  • Effectiveness: How much water do you deal with? A sprinkle or a downpour?
  • Damage Assessment: How much harm can unchecked water cause to your property?
  • Regulations: Always be sure you’re in line with local guidelines.
  • Aesthetics: We all want efficiency, but not at the cost of our property’s beauty.
  • Landscape Type: Flat, sloping, or somewhere in between? Your land can dictate the best fit.

If you’re still feeling uncertain, fret not. Charlotte NC landscape design is our specialty. With our years of expertise and keen understanding of the local terrain, we’re here to guide you in making the perfect choice. Once you’ve decided, our team at Haven Landscape Design will masterfully install, secure, and ensure your property remains free from water damage.

Top-Tier Irrigation Systems with Haven Landscape Design

With its diverse weather and bustling vibes, Charlotte NC is the city many proudly call home. But while the city’s energy is endless, the landscape can occasionally feel parched. This is where Haven Landscape Design comes in, ensuring the gardens of Charlotte NC are well cared for.

Why Every Charlotte NC Homeowners Needs an Irrigation System

In the simplest terms, an irrigation system is in charge of hydrating your lawn. For the homeowners of Charlotte North Carolina and its surrounding regions, having a dependable irrigation system isn’t just about having a greener lawn. It’s about ensuring the longevity and health of your Charlotte NC landscape design amidst the changing climatic conditions.

Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC

Navigating the Different Kinds of Irrigation Systems

Different gardens have different needs. Luckily, there’s an irrigation system for every type:

Sprinkler Irrigation: This system sprinkles water uniformly over the soil.

Drip Irrigation: This irrigation system drips water slowly at the root zone, ensuring zero wastage.

Surface Irrigation: Here, water flows by gravity over the soil surface. It’s a traditional method and still effective for many landscapes.

Subsurface Irrigation: This below-ground system delivers water directly to the roots under the soil surface.

Center Pivot Irrigation: This type of irrigation uses large sprinkler-wheeled systems to spread water over vast landscapes, especially for crops.

Unbeatable Benefits of Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are more than just water dispensers. They have distinct benefits any homeowner can enjoy for their Charlotte NC landscape design, including:

  • Cost Efficiency: Spend less on water bills and more on things you love!
  • Uniform Distribution: Every plant gets its fair share of hydration.
  • Water Efficiency: These systems conserve water, ensuring no drop of water goes to waste.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable to various soils, weather conditions, and environments.
  • Durability: Built to last, they’re your landscape’s long-term solution.
  • Easy Installation: No lengthy, complicated procedures. These systems are installed quickly, efficiently, and hassle-free.

Haven Landscape Design: Your Charlotte NC Landscape Design Partner

If you’re unsure which system suits your landscape, we’re here to help! With our unmatched expertise in Charlotte NC landscape design, we ensure your greens are always hydrated, healthy, and happy.

Prime Hardscaping Services for Charlotte NC Landscape Design

In the buzzing city of Charlotte NC, homes stand out not just for their architectural brilliance but also for their mesmerizing landscapes. While green lawns and blooming flowers often steal the show, hardscaping is another integral part of your Charlotte NC landscape design. And at Haven Landscape Design, we’re making sure our hardscaping services are the best in the area.

Why Hardscaping Matters to Charlotte NC Homeowners

Hardscaping is all about the non-living elements in your landscape. This landscaping service gives your outdoor spaces structure, elegance, and functionality. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an inviting, usable space.

Haven Landscape Design’s Hardscaping Services

Patios & Walkways

The materials you choose—be it stone, concrete, or pavers—set the mood for your Charlotte NC landscape design. We offer you top-notch guidance, ensuring your choice complements your home’s aesthetic and stands the test of time.

Retaining Walls

These walls hold the earth in place, preventing erosion and water runoff. It’s an art and a science; with our expertise, we blend both to perfection.

Water Features

From serene fountains to reflective ponds and stylish pool decks, these features are the oasis of calm every home deserves. Beyond beauty, they create a microclimate, ushering in coolness on those hot days.

Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC
Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC

Outdoor Kitchens & Fire Pits

The outdoors is the new indoors! Imagine whipping up a BBQ while enjoying the sunset or huddling around a fire pit under a starry sky. We customize our Charlotte NC landscape design for these spaces, turning your landscape into a welcoming place to spend your time.

Garden Wall Blocks

These blocks not only boost the aesthetic appeal but also offer functionality, segregating spaces and providing structure.

Steps & Staircases

Beyond connecting levels, steps and staircases add structural elements to the design. And with materials ranging from rustic wood to elegant stone, there’s one for every style of your Charlotte NC landscape design.

Uplift Your Charlotte NC Landscape Design with Our Expertise

While the plethora of options in hardscaping can seem overwhelming, that’s what we’re here for. Our deep-rooted experience in Charlotte NC landscape design ensures you get not just what looks good but what’s truly best for your home.

With Haven Landscape Design, hardscaping becomes more than bricks and stones. It’s about crafting experiences and building spaces where memories are made. If you’re ready to transform your outdoors into a haven, then give us a call.

Illuminating Charlotte NC Homes with Stellar
Landscape Lighting

Charlotte NC, with its beautiful homes and sweeping landscapes, isn’t just about daytime splendor. When the sun sets, a whole new experience of beauty can be unveiled with the magic of landscape lighting. At Haven Landscape Design, we believe in capturing this nocturnal charm and enhancing the nighttime allure of your Charlotte NC landscape designs.

Why Get Landscape Lighting for Your Property?

Safety & Security: A well-lit landscape not only beautifies but also secures. Illuminating pathways, steps, and entrances can deter unwelcome visitors and prevent accidental trips and falls.

Ambiance & Aesthetic: Play with shadows, highlight architectural details, and create dramatic effects. Lighting can transform an ordinary garden into a nighttime spectacle.

Boost Property Value: Investment-wise, adding landscape lighting offers an impressive return to your Charlotte NC landscape design. Potential buyers often see these additions as an upscale touch, elevating your property’s value.

Extended Outdoor Time: Why head indoors when the sun sets? With apt lighting, continue your evening soirees, family gatherings, or quiet contemplation well into the night.

Types of Landscape Lighting with Haven Landscape Design

With the varied needs and features of Charlotte NC homes, one size doesn’t fit all. Her are some of the many landscape lighting solutions we offer:

Path Lights:

Guide your steps with our elegantly designed path lights, ensuring safety while adding a charming allure to your walkways.

Uplights & Downlights:

Whether it’s casting a majestic tree in a soft glow or lighting up the side of your home, these lights create a dramatic, multi-dimensional effect.


Be it a statue, a fountain, or a rare plant, make the distinct features of your Charlotte NC landscape design stand out.


For broader illumination, especially in larger areas, or added security, our floodlights are both powerful and aesthetically pleasing.

Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC
Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC

Well Lights:

Well lights brighten up features without them being visible.

Step Lights:

Illuminate each step, ensuring safety while elevating the aesthetics of staircases or stepped paths.

Bollard Lights:

Tall and statuesque, they’re perfect for broader pathways or driveways, offering both light and a design statement.

Deck & Patio Lights:

Transform your decks and patios into nocturnal retreats, perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests.

Water Feature Lighting:

Make your fountains, ponds, or pools shimmer and shine with our bespoke water feature lighting solutions.

At Haven Landscape Design, our expertise, passion, and eye for design ensure your exteriors are as dazzling at night as they are by day. Our skills will brighten your Charlotte NC landscape design while providing safety, resale value, and more to your property.

City of Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC, fondly known as the Queen City, holds a regal charm that’s hard to rival. Nestled in the heart of North Carolina, it’s a city that thrives on contrasts: bustling urban centers coexisting harmoniously with serene natural expanses. As a top landscape design company in the surrounding area, let us explore why we at Haven Landscape Design feel so inspired to work here.

Haven Landscape Design | Charlotte NC

A Dive into Uptown

Dominated by gleaming skyscrapers, Uptown Charlotte, also known as Center City, is where the city’s pulse beats strongest with its bustling business district. The skyline, marked by the Bank of America Tower and Duke Energy Center, showcases architectural grandeur that’s a sight to behold, especially during golden hour.

Green Spots Amidst Urban Sprawls

In between its urban stretches, Charlotte offers lush, green respites. The Freedom Park, spanning nearly 100 acres, is a favorite, boasting serene lakes, walking trails, and sports facilities. Then there’s the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, a heavenly experience for those who adore Mother Nature. It’s these green spaces that inspire us at Haven Landscape Design every day, pushing us to enhance the city’s natural beauty.

Museums Galore

Art and history enthusiasts, Charlotte has got you covered. The Mint Museum displays a rich array of art pieces, while the Levine Museum of the New South offers immersive experiences, delving deep into post-Civil War history.

A Culinary Melting Pot

From classic Southern BBQ joints to upscale bistros, Charlotte promises a culinary journey that’s as diverse as it’s delicious. And for those who fancy a drink, the city’s burgeoning brewery scene is worth a toast.

Arts, Culture, & More

The city’s cultural scene is rich and varied. Whether it’s catching a Broadway show at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center or enjoying a live concert at the AvidXchange Music Factory, there’s always something to enjoy.

Haven Landscape Design

Amidst the hustle and bustle, the skyscrapers, and the green patches, Haven Landscape Design finds its muse. Drawing inspiration from Charlotte NC’s unique blend of modernity and nature, we strive to offer landscape designs that echo the city’s ethos. In the end, we’re not just shaping landscapes; we’re crafting the best Charlotte NC landscape designs in the business.

Why Choose Haven Landscape Design for Your Charlotte Home?

In Charlotte NC, where city flair meets southern charm, your home deserves nothing but the finest touch. Haven Landscape Design is the 5-star landscape company that’s become the go-to choice for discerning Charlotte NC homeowners.

With many years of experience, rich expertise, and the arsenal of resources we bring to the table, we’re equipped to brighten your home with landscape lighting, construct impeccable hardscapes, lay down lush sod, rejuvenate tired turfs, provide immaculate irrigation systems, and more. Passionate about co-creating, we’ll sketch the dream blueprints for your Charlotte NC landscape design side-by-side. If you’re ready to curate the perfect grassy masterpiece, choose Haven Landscape Design. Contact us today for a complimentary quote!

Contact us today for a free quote and take the first step towards realizing your Charlotte NC landscape design.

Haven Landscape Design
Haven Landscape Design | Ballantyne NC

Not sure what your vision is yet? No worries.

We are happy to help by providing design ideas with digital renderings. It’s standard for landscaping designs to go through two or three revisions before the final product is decided, and we want to make sure you are 100% in love with the new look and feel of your home and yard from concept to completion!

Trust Haven Landscape Design for Your Lawn in the Charlotte Area!

When it comes to lawn care services, you deserve the best solutions available. We are committed to delivering unparalleled quality, exceptional client support, and expertise in the Charlotte region, making us the perfect choice for fulfilling your drainage system needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on the path towards a beautiful and well-maintained landscape that will enhance the value of your property for years to come.

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